Project Top 10 TITANS of the SM/USM RU Metagame (LIST COMPLETE)

I've always wanted to vote for Milotic as a titan. The idea of this beautiful mon residing in the heaven of RU is my only motivation for day to day activities. Living even. The sheer possibility of it makes me ecstatic to the point of which whenever I see even just the sole color of pink, I get a spike in heart rate and must immediately lay down to recuperate. I've painted my walls pink, with little blue and red fins on them to more accurately represent Milotic. I have to paint a new coat every month or so - to get rid of the stains produced by the endless stream of joyous tears I cry when I think of this possibility. My pillows are pink. I embrace them every night, while I search for ladder games in which I can utilize my trusty Milo. The scent of Giorgio Beverly Hills Ocean Dream fills the air in my room, reminding me of Milotic. It calms me down during times of trouble. How could I love a pokemon this much you ask? Firstly, it is not but a mere pokemon, it was the very face of RU for nearly two whole years. Oh, how many times I've indulged myself in PP stall wars with her. Why? Because she has damn near unlimited PP, and I would in turn win the games with ease. Although I usually slowly chip away at my opponent, I would sometimes quickly strike them with a surprising offensive move; Toxicroak, Noivern, Sceptile; about to explode as they eagerly switch in - I know this because I've watched them explode many times, and always notice they are confidently switching in without a care in the world, and so would I to be honest. I would love to see Milotic become an RU titan so much – a mere human being cannot possibly begin to imagine just how happy this would make me. Milo would interconnect with the heaven of RU in an amazing manner, filling it with love and peace for pokemon and trainers alike. John Lennon told me to imagine, and so I did. Will you help me fulfil its destiny?


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And Number 10 is for...





Thats it folks, this are our most defining titans according to the people. Virizion being out of the equation certainly feels off (and I would have preferred it over Milotic tbh but eh), same with stuff like Ninetales but I think taking into account both periods of SM and USM the list feels pretty representative, Virizion just was shortended on that stick during SM and that heavily impacted the positioning imo.

Thanks a lot everyone for contributing and really sorry it took that long, I got involved into a ton of personal things (thankfully with a lot of positive change involved) so yeah. See you around in SWSH!

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